Kurzfilmtage awards cash and in-kind prizes with a total value of CHF 79 000.–. Under certain conditions, films from the Kurzfilmtage competitions qualify for nomination consideration for the Oscar®, the BAFTA Award, the European Film Award (candidacy), and the Swiss Film Award.

Submissions for the competitions

Submissions are now open for the competitions of the 26th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (8 – 13 November 2022). Short films of all genres completed in 2021 or 2022 are eligible; running times must not exceed 30 minutes for the International Competition and 40 minutes for the Swiss Competition, respectively. The submission deadline is 17 July 2022. Please read the Competition Rules & Regulations carefully before submitting your film.

2022 Competition Rules & Regulations

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Submissions for the Postproduction Award

Kurzfilmtage presents the Postproduction Award, a non-cash prize worth CHF 20 000.–, in collaboration with cinegrell und Jingle Jungle. Independent and professionally produced Swiss short film projects are eligible.

  Submissions for the Postproduction Award open in August 2022. Check back here for more details.