Joining the Friends of Kurzfilmtage is a great way to support our festival. Your support will be rewarded with a festival pass. Of course, every friendship should be celebrated with a great party – we invite our Friends to our exclusive partner reception, as well as to the Opening Night and Award Ceremony

Patron: minimum donation of CHF 200.–

Become a Patron by donating at least CHF 200.– annually and receive a festival pass as well as invitations to the Opening Night and Award Ceremony. We will also list your name in the online festival catalogue and on our website

Benefactor: minimum donation of CHF 500.–

As a Benefactor supporting us with at least CHF 500.– annually, you will receive two festival passes, two invitations each to our Opening Night and Award Ceremony, and our annual report. In addition to listing your name in our online catalogue, we also offer the option to advertise your business or institution with a link and logo on our website.

One-time donation

Of course, we appreciate every contribution to our short film festival! Simply fill out the form below to make a one-time donation.

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Alois Beerli, Winterthur
Angela und Guido Magni, Basel
Christian Schaffner, Zürich
Daniel Walser, Winterthur
Eliane Kreuzer, Winterthur
Greti und Bernhard Schaffner-Aebi, Basel
Karin und Andreas Schoellhorn, Winterthur
Marietta Barman, Zürich
Silvia Schaffner, Rheinfelden
Ursula Dobler und H.-J. Germann, Bauma 


Andreas Baumgartner, Winterthur
Arthur Frauenfelder, Winterthur
Cécile Ledergerber, Zürich
Christian Götz, Winterthur
Daniel Fuchs, Zürich
Daniel Weiss, Zürich
Elisabeth Mundwiler, Winterthur
Emanuel Feusi, Zürich
Esther Reber, Winterthur
Franziska Gohl, Winterthur
Heinz Schafroth, Winterthur
Jacqueline Engler, Winterthur
Jeannine Jeanneret, Cortaillod
Kathrin Bänziger, Winterthur
Marcel Weidmann, Winterthur
Marianne Ott, Winterthur
Marianne Wernigk, Winterthur
Markus Büchi, Gachnang
Marlies Bänziger, Winterthur
Martin Stauch, Winterthur
Martina Hofer, Greifensee
Martina Reichert, Wila
Maureen Canciani, Minusio
Melanie Zumbrunn, Winterthur
Rainer Ott, Winterthur
Ralph Henn, Rämismühle
Regula Hauser, Zürich
Roland Rüegg, Winterthur
Silvio Foscan, Winterthur
Susan Wiederkehr, Winterthur
Thomas Widmer, Winterthur
Timothy Philipp Zemp, Zürich
Tristan Alexander, Winterthur
Ueli Renz, Winterthur
Urs Riklin, Zürich
Ursula Künsch, Winterthur
Werner Reber, Winterthur
Yvonne Dorothée Lenzlinger, Winterthur